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3D Animation

We provide quality animated 3D reconstructions of your cases. These animations will help your side of the case stick and stay in a jurorís mind. They can also show the opposing side you are serious about winning and will help influence them to settle.

3D Stills

Sometimes a picture is all you need. Much like the 3D animations, the stills help your case by portraying your case's information in a simple and easily understood way. These are sometimes more affordable and can even be used to supplement an animation.

Presentation Support

A video won't do you any good if you don't have the means to display it. We have all the proper equipment and take care of everything. Simply tell us where to be and when to press play.


1. You provide us with a description of:
  - The scene, as detailed as possible
  - People, vehicles, and objects involved
  - How, why, and what caused the incident
  - Who is at fault
  - Materials that you wish to be used
  - Camera angle
  - Time of day (lighting) and weather

2. We provide you with a storyboard for your approval.
3. Once approved we create the initial rendering
4. We will then present you with the rendering for your approval or to revise.
5. We make any changes and meet with you again for further revision or if approved we generate the video in the desired format. (We will repeat steps 3 and 4 at no additional charge two additional times)


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